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Volunteer Opportunities

Heart Shape


Have you wanted to volunteer for Project Support but think you don't have

enough time? We have all kinds of opportunities for any amount of time

that you might be able to fit into your day, week, or month.

Some things you can do are:

  • Once a month check our emergency lights and make sure they are all working.

  • Help us keep our parking lot free of dirt and weeds and help us repaint the lines.

  • Do you like gardening? Maybe you would like to spend some time helping water and weed our gardens.

  • Help us on Wednesdays when we get our food commodities and build food boxes for those in need.

  • Help VOA with cleaning the tables after lunch, and other small jobs.

  • Help on Spaghetti Dinner nights to set up, serve, or clean up.

  • The Thrift Shop always needs help with donations, laundry, cleaning, etc.

When you volunteer, anywhere within Project Support, you are able to

go to the Thrift Shop and receive a 50% discount on any items

you want to buy, any day the shop is open.

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