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Membership in Project Support is open to all who support our mission of providing services that will enable Clear Creek County senior citizens sixty years of age and older to remain in their own homes or other places of residence for as long as possible and to ensure a quality of life with respect and honor. We work to achieve this goal by providing a Senior Center with supportive
services, operating affordable senior rental housing and partnering with VOA to provide congregate meals, Meals on Wheels and transportation services.

You can support our mission by choosing a level of membership that best suits your circumstances. All levels of membership (except Associate) afford you the right to attend and vote at our annual meeting and to hold office in our organization. Upon payment of dues you are also entitled to choose a perk from the list below:

Level of Membership                      Votes                       Annual Dues

Lifetime                                              1                                $1000
Household                                          2                                    $40
Senior - Age 60 and up                      1                                    $15
Commercial (Business)                        1                                    $75
Associate (Individual)                          1                                    $25
Sustaining                                           1                                  $100
(Individual, group, association or corporation)
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Pick a Perk

No matter what membership level you chose, you will receive our membership card, which when presented, will entitle you to 10% off your entire purchase in the Queen's Wardrobe Thrift Shoppe along with the Project Support member sticker. 


You will also receive one item of your choice from the items pictured below (See membership application card).

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